SeeRite Eye Clinic is now open for appointments

Please call or email to schedule.

While the quality of your eye care will not change, we have taken extensive precautions that go above and beyond current standards to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable during your visit at the office. We have implemented many protocols to maintain a safe environment for your care.

What to expect at your visit

Prior to your appointment, we will be screening patients for potential COVID risk. You will be asked a series of questions by reception prior to your appointment. If COVID symptoms are present, you will be asked to cancel your appointment and triaged appropriately to a healthcare official who can assist you.

It is mandatory that all patients wear a mask to their visit.

When entering the office, you will be required to sanitize your hands.

You will then be re-screened for COVID risk.

Only the patient will be allowed into the office, unless you require assistance, or you are accompanying a minor.

Physical distancing of >2 metres will maintained throughout the office during the duration of your visit.

We will still be offering appointments by telehealth for high-risk patients or conditions we can manage remotely such as red eye, allergies, discharge irritation, etc. Our staff can help direct you with booking an in-office or telehealth appointment.

The Clinic

There are two separate exams rooms.

There will be only 4 people allowed in the office at all times to maintain physical distancing rules, including the staff.

Hospital-grade air filtration systems have been implemented in each exam room.

All staff will be wearing full PPE including masks, protective eyewear and gloves.

A plexiglass barrier will be present at reception, as well as multiple barriers at other points of contact during your eye exam. This includes the doctor’s equipment and microscopes.

We will be using a brand new contactless method for all glasses measurements.

We will be using appropriate disinfecting methods and agents to disinfect highly touched areas and all areas that have been accessed by any patient or staff per our updated standard operating procedures.

We will be using an updated technological instrument called i-Care to check eye pressure that uses disposable tips to ensure NO transmission between patient

We will be implementing appropriate time between patients with specific time allocated to cleaning and disinfecting between patients- appointments will be spaced out accordingly.

We will be dispensing glasses by appointment only.

Walk-ins and emergencies will be accepted only when it is safe to do so with physical distancing in mind.

We will be maintaining a cleaning/disinfecting log to ensure that the office is always disinfected accurately, often, and especially before and after patients

Your safety is our priority and we want you to have an enjoyable, welcoming, safe experience at SeeRite Eye Clinic. Thank you for your cooperation and trusting us with your eye care.